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Monday January 7 2002
KPNQWest delivers high capacity transatlantic connectivity
KPNQWest has signed a contract with DANTE, the organisation responsible for managing GANT - the world's largest academic and research network - to provide two high-capacity transatlantic connections to support its data-intensive academic and scientific research requirements. Under the terms of the agreement, KPNQWest will provide two 2,5 Gbit/s wavelengths between Frankfurt, London and New York linking GANT and three top North American research networks: ESnet, CANARIE and ABILENE (internet2).

Thursday December 20 2001
KPNQwest: Riding the Wave of IP VPN Demand
A recent survey of multinational corporations from BRC, a leading market research and strategic consultancy, has revealed that KPNQwest, the leading pan-European data communications and hosting company, is winning 50% of all current bids to implement new IP VPNs. Since launching the pan-European product in September 2000 key customer wins have come from all sectors.

Wednesday December 19 2001
KPNQwest chosen to provide high-speed IP Transit to US for Janet
KPNQwest has won a contract to provide the United Kingdom Education and Research Networking Association (UKERNA) with a robust and resilient IP Transit service to the US from JANET, the UK's education and research network. The two-year, multi-million pound deal, will give JANET access to the US via two 2.5 Gbit/s IP Transit ports, each scalable to 10 Gbit/s.

Tuesday December 11 2001
Mikli chooses KPNQwest for international IP VPN solution
KPNQwest has been selected by Mikli, acclaimed eyewear designer, for an IP VPN solution connecting its locations across Europe and the United States. The solution has already been implemented. Within weeks of contract signature, KPNQwest's IP VPN solution was implemented to connect Mikli sites in France, Norway, Belgium, the USA and Italy via the 20,000 km, macro-capacity KPNQwest EuroRings network, leveraging its interoperability with Qwest's 160,000km global network.

Qwest and KPN complete KPNQwest share transaction
KPNQwest on Tuesday announced that the share transaction between Qwest Communications International. (Qwest) and Koninklijke KPN N.V. (KPN), in which KPN sold approximately 14 million shares of KPNQwest shares to Qwest and 6 million of KPNQwest shares to Qwest's principal shareowner, the Anschutz Company, has been completed.

Wednesday November 21 2001
KPNQwest delivers Pan-European IP VPN
KPNQwest has announced on Wednesday that it has signed an agreement with Otrum ASA to provide a 10-site, 7-country IP VPN service. Otrum is a leading supplier of interactive TV solutions to the hotel and cruise market. Under the terms of the agreement, KPNQwest will deploy a pan-European IP VPN in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France, UK and Germany.

Thursday November 8 2001
PGS chooses KPNQwest for International IP VPN
KPNQwest has announced on Thursday that it has signed an agreement with Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS), a leading technologically focused oilfield service company, to provide a combined managed broadband capacity and IP VPN service in locations across four continents. Under the terms of the agreement, KPNQwest will deploy a four site IP VPN service in Houston, Oslo, Perth and Singapore.

Wednesday October 31 2001
KPNQwest deploys intercontinental IP VPN service for
KPNQwest has announced on Wednesday that it has signed an agreement with, a leading Swiss financial intermediary, to deliver a robust intercontinental IP VPN solution. The agreement includes a scalable bandwidth option, to provide a seamless connection from its hosting centre in Glattbrugg, Switzerland to the Deutsche Boerse, NASDAQ and NYSE.

Monday October 29 2001
Net loss KPNQwest Q3 2001 EUR 60.5 mln
KPNQwest on Monday announced for the first time in company history that it has reported positive communication services EBITDA - one quarter ahead of expectations. This achievement was driven by the combination of the growth of 64.6% over the prior year in communication services revenue and continued improvements in controlling the cost structure of the business and leveraging the completion of the network.

Thursday October 25 2001
KPNQwest launches Application Outsourcing Guide for e-Business
KPNQwest, the leading pan-European data communications and hosting company, has released its strategic guide; "Application Outsourcing: Building Blocks for E-Business." The guide provides business users - from the Small and Medium Enterprise Market (SME) to large national and multinational corporations - with a complete range of `building block' options for significantly reducing costs and increasing security through outsourcing all or part of their IT infrastructure.

Monday October 15 2001
KPNQwest in talks with GTS
KPNQwest is in talks to take over the network and hosting activities of Global Telesystems, sources at GTS Nederland said. The Financial Times said KPNQwest was offering bonds convertible into shares, valued at less than the face value of outstanding GTS bonds, which total USD 1.6 bn. GTS would be an interesting acquisition for KPNQwest because it has a considerable cable network in the UK. Together, the two firms would have combined turnover of USD 1 bn

Tuesday October 9 2001
KPNQwest to provide high redundancy global ATM Network for F-Secure
KPNQwest on Tuesday announced an agreement to provide a high-redundancy high-speed ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) network for F-Secure, the leading strategic provider of data security solutions. The two-year agreement, will connect the company's international locations on both sides of the Atlantic and enable them to use high-speed, reliable internal data services.

Friday October 5 2001
KPN may sell part of data traffic venture to Qwest
KPN, the debt-strapped Dutch telecommunications company, is in talks with Qwest Communications of the United States aimed at selling part of its stake in their joint venture in European data traffic. KPN said it had approached Qwest seeking to renegotiate their pact under which each had pledged to retain a 44.3% stake until 2004.

Tuesday September 11 2001
KPNQwest announces first Pan-European co-operation
KPNQwest on Tuesday announced a ground-breaking Pan-European co-operation with Intel Corporation, the world's largest chip maker, to offer e-Business solutions which combine advanced Intel architecture servers with the scalable hosting services offered by KPNQwest. These combined services will be deployed from the State-of-art KPNQwest CyberCentre facilities across Europe.

Friday September 7 2001
KPNQwest statement regarding rumours of a possible sale by KPN Telecom
KPNQwest on Friday issued the following statement regarding rumours of a possible sale by KPN Telecom of its stake in KPNQwest: Under the KPNQwest Joint Venture and Shareholders Agreement, until April 1, 2004, KPN Telecom may not transfer its KPNQwest shares to any person (other than an affiliate) without Qwest's consent.

Wednesday September 5 2001
KPNQwest contracted to provide pan-European capacity for Sonera
KPNQwest has won a Euro multi-million contract to provide international high capacity bandwidth services to Sonera Carrier Networks, the largest and most international network operator in Finland. The 2.5 Gbit/s "Colour Fibre" services, based on DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology, which uses optical data transmission to separate colour wavelengths and multiply transmission capacity, will be based on the virtually unlimited capacity of the recently lit KPNQwest Nordic EuroRing and the KPNQwest Eastern, Western, Channel and German EuroRings.

Thursday August 16 2001
Lyos Europe selects KPNQwest as preferred IP Provider
KPNQwest on Thursday announced that it has been selected by Lycos Europe, the leading European Internet destination, as its preferred provider for IP Transit and managed broadband capacity across Europe. Under the terms of the multi-million EUR 3-year deal, KPNQwest will provide Lycos Europe with a combined bandwidth and IP Transit offer in Sweden, Germany and France, supported by a network of high-capacity links strategically connected to Internet Exchanges across Europe.

Thursday August 2 2001
KPNQwest appoints Bill Freeze as Chief Operating Officer
KPNQwest on Thursday announced the appointment of Bill Freeze as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Freeze joins KPNQwest from Dell Computer Corporation, where he was Vice President for Northern Europe, following a sixteen-year career with AT&T.

Thursday July 19 2001
KQIP: World's first global full-scale GRX Peering Exchange now in service
A cross-industry working group on Thursday announced the completion and first stage implementation of a multi-party peering agreement which constitutes a major milestone in the development of a cost-effective, high-speed, international infrastructure for the mobile Internet. The agreement establishes a dedicated platform hosted and managed by the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) as the first full-service, scalable GRX Peering Exchange for the interconnection of GPRS roaming networks.

Wednesday July 4 2001
Expiration of exchange offer for outstanding notes KPNQwest
KPNQwest N.V. announced the expiration of the previously announced exchange offer to exchange 500,000,000 in aggregate principal amount of outstanding 8 7/8% notes for an equivalent amount of exchange 8 7/8% notes, which have been registered under the US Securities Act of 1933, as amended, at 5:00 P.M.

Thursday June 28 2001
KPNQwest announces extension of expiration date of its exchange offer
KPNQwest N.V. announced on Thursday that it has extended the initial offer period of its exchange offer to exchange outstanding 8 7/8% notes for exchange 8 7/8% notes, which have been registered under the US Securities Act of 1933, as amended, to 5:00 P.M. London time, on Tuesday, July 3, 2001. The extension is being made in order to allow the remaining holders of outstanding notes to exchange these notes for exchange notes.

KPNQwest completes Eastern and Southern fibre-optic rings on schedule
KPNQwest on Thursday connected a further two of the OC-192 self-healing rings in its EuroRings fibre-optic network. This brings the number of completed rings to six out of seven, spanning 15,300km out of a total planned reach of 20,000km. The two new rings connect 13 cities (of which 4 are new additions to its network) across 3,900 km.

Wednesday June 27 2001
KPNQwest London cybercentre opens for E-business
KPNQwest, Europe's leading IP data communications and hosting company, on Wednesday officially opened its 10,000m2 London mega-CyberCentre. The CyberCentre, located in Thurrock, Essex, will give UK and European businesses access to advanced hosting services, backed up by virtually unlimited bandwidth.

Monday June 11 2001
KPNQwest named Jeffrey Von Deylen its CFO, he replaces Willem Ackermans
KPNQwest on Monday named Jeffrey Von Deylen its Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President. He replaces Willem Ackermans who resigned to pursue other interests. Von Deylen joins KPNQwest from Global TeleSystems. (GTS), where he was Senior Vice President of Finance, as well as CFO for Ebone, its IP networking division.

Tuesday May 29 2001
KPNQwest to provide Pan/European ATM network for TietoEnator
KPNQwest on Tuesday announced a EUR multi-million agreement to provide high-speed ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) connectivity for TietoEnator, the leading IT company in the Nordics. The three-year agreement will cover 10 of the company's European sites, including all of the Nordic and Baltic capitals, Belgium, Germany and the UK.

KPNQwest completes Nordic fibre/optic network ring ahead od schedule
KPNQwest on Tuesday connected the 4,500 km 6-city Nordic Ring of its 20,000km EuroRings fibre-optic network, one month ahead of schedule. The Nordic Ring is the fifth, and the largest, of seven, OC-12 self healing rings in KPNQwest's EuroRings network. It consists of 96 fibre stands, capable of delivering 80 colours per stand at up to 10Gbit/s per colour.

Wednesday May 16 2001
Playbox selects KPNQwest to deploy mobile wallet solution
KPNQwest dan, a joint venture backed by Deutsche Bank, Debitel, Lufthansa Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and Compaq, have announced a deal to roll-out mobile e-payment systems across Europe and the United States. The Paybox payment service, which uses the KPNQwest IP infrastructure to connect to mobile operators across Europe, allows customers to transfer money from one mobile phone to another, shop securely on the Internet, pay for a taxi, or purchase goods in a shop.

Monday May 14 2001
KPNQwest to power InPurple in multi-illion global internet deal
KPNQwest has sealed a multi-million euro contract to provide Internet connectivity across Europe and the US to business communications provider, InPurple. KPNQwest was awarded the contract due to the size, reliability and scalability of its IP network infrastructure. In conjuction with US partner Qwest, KPNQwest will supply and manage local, national and international Internet connectivity for InPurple, covering multiple locations worldwide by 2002.

Thursday March 15 2001
KPNQwest Paris-CyberCentre opens for E-business
KPNQwest, on Thursday officially opened and started offering services from its Paris mega-CyberCentre. The opening marks a major milestone in the achievement of KPNQwest's stated aim to deploy 40,000m2 of hosting space by the end of 2001. It also marks a major step forward in the roll-out of best-in-class data facilities which will give European businesses access to advanced hosting services backed up by virtually unlimited bandwidth.

Thursday March 8 2001
Qwest Communications and KQIP provide global internet communications services
Qwest Communications International., the broadband Internet communications company, and KPNQwest, the leading pan-European Internet and data communications company, on Thursday announced they will provide broadband network services to BMC Software., the leading provider of e-business systems management, in a multi-year, multi-million dollar agreement.

Monday February 26 2001
Akamai selects KPNQwest for pan-European hosting solution
KPNQwest on Monday announced that Akamai Technologies,., the leading Content Delivery Service Provider (CDSP), has agreed to purchase hosting space in 13 KPNQwest data centres to expand the penetration of its content delivery service across Europe. The financial details of the multi-year contract are not disclosed.

Wednesday February 14 2001
KQIP and Wicom Communication to jointly deploy IP-based call center solut
KPNQwest and Wicom Communications, a premier provider of IP telephony solutions and value added applications on Voice over IP (VoIP), have signed an agreement to jointly deploy comprehensive IP-based call centre solution that will enhance the functionality, flexibility and quality of service for call centre support across Europe.

Thursday February 1 2001
Prague to get connected to KPNQwest's EuroRing in H2 2001
Prague will probably get connected to KPNQwest's optical data network EuroRing in the second half of the year, Michael Hartman, the head of KPNQwest's Czech branch, has said. The optical cables of the EuroRing network, structured as several interlinked circles, will connect about 50 important European trade centres.

Monday January 29 2001
KPNQwest to enter the AEX Index
KPNQwest confirmed on Monday that it has been officially informed that it will be included in the AEX index. KPNQwest's inclusion in the top 25 listed companies on the Amsterdam Exchanges (AEX), comes less than fourteen months after the companies highly succesful IPO in November 1999. News of the inclusion follows KPNQwest's announcement of its fourth quarter and full-year 2000 financial results, which saw a doubling of full-year revenues to EUR 461.6 mln and a reiteration of KPNQwest's commitment to achieve EBITDA breakeven by the fourth quarter 2001.

Wednesday January 24 2001
KPNQuest loss widens
KPNQuest said Wednesday its fourth-quarter loss widened as it rolls out a high-speed data network. The company said its loss in the three months to December 31 increased to EUR 56.8 mln, or EUR 0.13 a share, from EUR 29.5 mln, or EUR 0.07 a share, a year earlier. Revenue soared 78.4% to EUR 144.5 mln.

Monday January 22 2001
KPNQwest Q4 sales seen improving but delays eyed
KPNQwest is expected to post a 10% rise in fourth quarter sales following growth in data traffic, but wider losses due to investment in the rollout of its European high-speed Internet access network. Analysts will also look for indications of whether future earnings will be hit by delays in the deployment of its fibre-optic network, over which the pan-European data communications company offers Internet services, and in the building of mega-web hosting centres.

Tuesday January 16 2001
Atos Origin and KPNQwest sign agreement leveraging open text technology
KPNQwest and Atos Origin and Open text Corporation will enter into a strategic agreement. With this agreement, the three parties increase their share in the Application Service Provider (ASP) market. The bundled offer, IntranetHotel, allows the business-to-business market to fully benefit from collaborative working, knowledge management and information exchange over the Internet.

Monday January 15 2001
KPNQwest announces offering of Senior Notes
KPNQwest, N.V. on Monday announced that it has agreed to sell Euro 500 million aggregate principal amount of its 8 7/8% senior notes due 2008 in an offering conducted pursuant to Rule 144A and Regulation S under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. The senior notes will rank pari passu with KPNQwest's other senior unsecured debt, including its 8 1/8% Senior Notes due 2009 and its 7 1/8% Senior Notes due 2009.

Thursday January 4 2001
Dell selected KPNQwest Internet Protocol-Based Virtual Private Network
KPNQwest announced on Thursday that Dell has selected the KPNQwest Internet Protocol-based Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) solution for a 21-site network of offices, manufacturing facilities, and call centres across Europe. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The KPNQwest solution supports all of Dell EMEA data communications needs by creating an integrated, secure, high-speed, standards-based environment for Dell's wide area application connectivity.

Monday December 4 2000
KPNQwest may need fewer web centers
KPNQwest said on Monday it may need to build only a third of its planned 18 Internet computing centers thanks to technologies that will shrink processor sizes even further. President and Chief Executive Jack McMaster said nanotechnology meant the company may be able to pack so much more processing power into each 10,000 square meter center that it could build fewer.

Wednesday November 8 2000
KPNQwest and Airslide system sign strategic agreement
KPNQwest and Airslide Systems. a world leader in convergence solutions for 3G/IP, announced a major strategic agreement. on Wednesday. Under the agreement, KPNQwest and Airslide will provide European GSM operators with an Innovative solution that will change the way traditional roaming is carried out.

Friday November 3 2000
Customer vote KPNQwest number one ISP in Spain
KPNQwest has emerged as Spain's leading ISP for customer satisfaction in a comprehensive sector review. The study, carried out by CB Consulting for Computing magazine (Spain) used data gathered from over 500 enterprises, which between them use 40 different ISPs. It evaluated customer satisfaction levels in fifteen different categories, which included key ISP services such as the provision of email, intranets, videoconferencing, streaming and hosting services, and key service features such as price, security, range of access points and technical support.

Tuesday October 31 2000
Media Capital launches first virtual IPS in Portugal with KPNQwest
Media Capital announced on Tuesday the launch of a free Internet access service based on a Virtual ISP model supported by KPNQwest, the leading European Internet and data communication company. Being the first media group to enter the competitive market of residential Internet access, Media Capital trusts that the use of exclusive content will differentiate its offer from those of existing Internet players, who have traditionally competed in price and network quality.

Tuesday October 24 2000
KPNQwest to break even early
KPNQwest, the pan-European communications company, reported forecast-beating third-quarter results on Tuesday and said it expected to break even a year ahead of schedule because of reduced spending. Losses were more than five times greater than the same period last year, but turnover more than doubled and the company forecast it would become cashflow positive in the fourth quarter of 2001.

Wednesday October 11 2000
KPNQwest powers French radio solution for Yacast
KPNQwest has signed an agreement with Yacast France, the leading radio webcaster, to broadcast 15 leading French radio stations 24 hours a day 7 days a week over the Internet using the Window's Media Format. The service, which was launched on 1 October, will transform the radio listening experience for Internet users worldwide.

Monday October 9 2000
KPNQwest to install pan-European IP VPN for Intershop
In a major European wide area networking solution, KPNQwest has been contracted to implement a Europe-wide IP VPN (Virtual Private Network) service for INTERSHOP Communications, one of the world's leading providers of e-commerce software solutions. The IPVPN, which will be used to integrate all corporate data and multimedia communications in Europe, is worth slightly over EUR 2 mln over three years.

Thursday October 5 2000
KPNQwest and Fast Search & Transfer from strategic search alliance
KPNQwest and Fast Search & Tranfer announced on Thursday that they have signed an agreement centered around Web and Intranet seardch hosting and reselling. Under the terms of the three-year agreement, KPNQwest's rapidly expanding network of mega-CyberCenters will provide hosting facilities and bandwidth for FAST's European search enging operations.

Monday September 25 2000
KPNQwest and F-Secure Online Solutions announce global security and hosting agrt
KPNQwest and F-Secure Online Solutions (F-SOS) a wholly owned subsidiary of F-Secure Corporation, on Monday announced an agreement to deploy managed security services through KPNQwest's CyberCentres across Europe. F-Secure Online Solutions managed security services will be deployed throughout Europe over the course of the next year through KPNQwest's CyberCenters which are located on top of KPNQwest's 20,000 km fibre-optic network, with a view to expand F-Secure Online Solutions' operations to cover North-America and Asia Pacific, to meet the growing market demand for global security solutions.

Wednesday September 20 2000
KPNQwest enters DSL market in Italy
KPNQwest on Wednesday announced that it has signed an agreement with Telecom Italia to carry out DSL trials in Milan and Turin, expanding to more cities in the short-term. The service will provide its trial customers with a powerful "always on" high-speed Internet connection, up to 8 Mbit/s, approximately 140 times faster than standard dial up modems, using existing telephone connections.

Monday September 18 2000
KPNQwest enters DSL market in the UK
KPNQwest announced on Monday that it has signed an agreement with BT for access to 'raw' copper on local networks. This framework will allow KPNQwest to install its own equipment in BT local exchanges (or central offices) and roll out its high-speed broadband Internet services to customers across the UK using Digital Subscription Line (DSL) technology.

Tuesday September 5 2000
Fibernet selects KPNQwest for European network rollout
KPNQwest on Tuesday announced a multi-year contract with Fibernet, the UK-based telecommunications provider, in which KPNQwest will provide up to 6,800 kilometres of fibre along with colocation facilities on their high speed fibre-optic EuroRings(TM) network, worth more than EUR 100 mln. The contract is expected to be worth over EUR 100 mln, excluding additional network-related charges.

Tuesday July 25 2000
KPNQwest puts back break-even moment
KPNQwest said on Tuesday it had put back its earnings break-even point by a year in order to plough more cash into the roll-out of its high-speed Internet access technology. KPNQwest postponed its EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) break-even forecast by a year to the third quarter of 2002, saying the extended roll-out of DSL technology would add EUR 750 mln (USD 703.6 mln) cumulative capital expenditure by 2008.

Tuesday July 18 2000
KPNQwest Q2 loss increases, revenues up
KPNQwest on Tuesday posted a second quarter 2000 loss before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of EUR 26.6 mln. The company reported a 137% increase in revenue for the second quarter of 1999 to EUR 105.7 mln. That figure was up 34% on the first quarter level, it added. Costs of sales came in at EUR 72.3 mln for the second quarter, the company said, bringing the gross margin to 32%.

Thursday July 13 2000
KPNQwest, Inktomi sign media data pact
Pan-European data communications company KPNQwest said on Thursday it had signed a technological alliance with US Inktomi to boost content distribution and media services to KPNQwest's network. KPNQwest will incorporate Inktomi Network Products, which provide infrastructure technology to deliver content and applications, into its network. Inktomi develops infrastructure software for Internet service providers (ISP).

Wednesday June 28 2000
KPNQwest lights German Ring
Qwest Communications International on Wednesday announced that KPNQwest, the leading pan-European Internet data communications company has lit its German network ring. The 1700 mile fiber-optic ring, which connects 16 cities, represents an investment of USD 215 mln and connects into KPNQwest's high-speed, high-capacity EuroRing network which will link 50 European business centers.

Tuesday June 20 2000
KPNQwest link up with Swisscom
KPNQwest announced on Tuesday that it has secured the right to participate in a two-month high-speed broadband Internet trial using Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology in Switzerland. KPNQwest, which has a long established track record with DSL technology in Switzerland, will now trial the ADSL service currently offered by the incumbent operator, Swisscom, in Zurich and Geneva starting on 17 July 2000.

Thursday June 1 2000
KPNQwest extends pan European network to serve France's Atlantic Coast
Qwest Communications International., the broadband Internet communications company, on Thursday announced that KPNQwest, the leading pan-European data communications company, is increasing its investment in France with the construction of a 670 mile extension of its EuroRings fiber-optic network from Bordeaux up France's Atlantic coast to Paris via Rennes.

Tuesday May 30 2000
KPNQwest and Nokia deal
Nokia and KPNQwest have signed a contract for the delivery of equipment to provide high-speed broadband access services using Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology. KPNQwest will establish the largest pan-European DSL footprint and will be one of the first operators in Europe to significantly expand its service offering in broadband access to major European cities.

Monday May 15 2000
KPNwest sells managed broadband to ETT
KPNQwest said on Monday it had agreed to sell managed broadband services (MBBS) to ETT in a deal worth one million euros per annum. The agreement will allow enterprise networks solutions provider ETT to connect seven major European cities via 12 lines, KPNQwest said in a statement.

Thursday May 11 2000
KPNQwest sells fiber capacity to Teleglobe
KPNQwest said on Thursday Canadian Teleglobe had agreed to buy some of its fiber capacity and bandwidth for more than USD 100 mln. KPNQwest will provide Teleglobe, the owner of the world's third largest international telecommunications network, with 14,000 kilometers of fiber, which allows high speed Internet access.

Tuesday April 25 2000
KPNQwest 1Q losses widen
KPNQwest reported a widening first-quarter loss on Tuesday as growth in costs to extend its fiber-optic networks outweighed soaring revenue growth. The European joint venture of KPN of the Netherlands and US-based Qwest Communications International said its net loss grew to EUR 27.7 mln, or 6 cents per share in the quarter, from a pro forma loss of EUR 9.1 mln, or 2 cents a share, a year earlier.

KNPQwest revenues up, data demand booms
KPNQwest said on Tuesday 2000 first quarter revenues had more than doubled while its net loss widened as the pan-European data communications firm continued to invest in its fiber optic network. KPNQwest said first quarter sales rose to EUR 78.7 mln from 36.8 million in the pro forma first quarter in 1999.

Tuesday April 18 2000
KPNQwest buys Italian ISP
KPNQwest said it bought Italian internet service provider COMM2000 for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition is expected to help complete the Southern Ring network linking Milan and Turin, and the building of a 10,000 square meters cybercenter in Milan, KPNQwest said. The Southern Ring is expected to be completed by the end of the third quarter, and the Milan cybercenter by the end of the year, the company said.

Tuesday April 4 2000
KPNQwest, IBM in web deal
KPNQwest, the telecommunications joint venture between KPN of The Netherlands and Qwest of the US, plans to pay IBM about USD 2 bn over the next 10 years to build, maintain and manage 18 web hosting centres across Europe. As a condition of the deal, IBM, the world's largest computer company, will lease 25% of the available space in the centres to handle its own customers' e-business and business-to-business initiatives, paying KPNQwest about USD 900 mln in rent over the period.

Tuesday March 28 2000
KPNQwest, Open Text in joint service deal
KPNQwest said on Wednesday it had signed a joint service agreement with Canadian Internet application provider Open Text Under the deal, Open Text's Livelink collaborative software will be provided through KPNQwest's fibre optic network. KPNQwest said its high-speed broadband bandwidth network, required to run sophisticated business-to-business applications, would be used for the Livelink software. No financial details of the deal were disclosed.

Monday March 20 2000
KPN says KPNQest, Infonet IPO add NLG 1.27 bn
KPN said on Monday the innitial public offerings of KPNQwest and Infonet contributed NLG 913 mln (USD 402 mln) and NLG 360 mln respectively to its 1999 results. Pan-European datacommunications firm KPNQwest, a joint venture of KPN and US group Qwest Communications International, was floated on the Amsterdam and Nasdaq exchanges in November 1999. Data and speech transmission company Infonet Services Corp, in which KPN has a stake, was listed in December on the New York Stock Exchange.

Monday March 13 2000
KPNQwest sells fibres for EUR 160 mln
KPNQwest said on Monday it sold fibre optic cables in its Southern and Iberian rings to Worldwide Fibre in a deal valued at more than EUR 160 mln. Selling this so-called "dark" fibre enables KPNQwest to recoup part of the construction cost of its fibre optic network for the high speed transmission of data traffic.

Tuesday February 1 2000
KPNQwest 9-month net loss EUR 59.9 mln
KPNQwest reported on Tuesday a net loss for 1999 of EUR 59.9 mln, compared to pro forma net losses of EUR 48.0 mln the company booked in the comparible period of 1998. Revenues doubled from pro forma EUR 86.5 mln to EUR 190.2 mln. Operating income came to EUR 73.2 mln, compared to EUR 25.0 mln for the for the first nine months of 1998.

Wednesday January 12 2000
KPNQwest appoints Stephen Pitts
KPNQwest announces the appointment of Stephen Pitts as Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions. Stephen Pitts joins KPNQwest after a very active 10-year banking career with Morgan Stanley and, more recently, Goldman Sachs, bringing with him the kinds of skills that will contribute to KPNQwest's drive to strengthen its position as the leading pan-European data communications company.

KPNQwest appoints mergers and acquisitions chief
KPNQwest said on Wednesday it had appointed Stephen Pitts as the company's senior vice president of mergers and acquisitions. Pitts, 37, had a 10-year banking career with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and, more recently, Goldman Sachs, "bringing with him the kind of skills that will contribute to KPNQwest's drive to strengthen its position", KPNQwest said in a statement.

Monday January 10 2000
KPNQwest expands fibre net
KPNQwest said on Monday it will invest EUR 300 mln to extend its fibre optic network and business customer reach in Spain and southern France. The construction of the 4,000 kilometre Iberian Ring, to be completed by the autumn of 2001, will be KPNQwest's seventh high-capacity fibre optic network for high-speed transmission of data -- a market expected to have a huge growth potential.

AEX starts trade in KPNQwest options
The Amsterdam Exchanges (AEX) said on Monday its options market would start trading in options on pan-European data communications firm KPNQwest on Tuesday. The first transaction in the derivatives will take place at 11:30 local time on Tuesday and will be executed by KPNQwest's chief executive officer Jack McMaster, the AEX said.

Tuesday January 4 2000
KPNQwest buys rest of EUnet Portugal
KPNQwest announced on Tuesday the take over of the remaining shares in EUnet Portugal it did not already own for EUR 3.56 mln. KPNQwest completed the acquisition by exercising its option to increase its stake in the Internet Service Provider from 42.5% to 100%. The total value of EUnet Portugal is EUR 6.2 mln, KPNQwest said.

Wednesday December 29 1999
KPNQwest partially lifts sahre restriction
KPNQwest said on Wednesday it will lift some trading restrictions in early 2000 in its C ordinary shares, which were part of a directed share program from its initial public offering in November. Each participating employee, affiliate or associate of KPNQwest and Qwest Communications International may sell as many as 5,000 shares beginning January 3, 2000, KPNQwest said in a statement.

Tuesday December 14 1999
KPNQwest launches DSL service in Europe
KPNQwest said on Tuesday it was launching a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service in Europe. The firm said that it expected to move into profit in terms of earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) earlier than expected due to the new service. The firm said it was the first to put in place a high-speed DSL service in Europe and a roll-out was already under way in Germany.

KPNQwest sees regulators blocking growth
KPNQwest said on Tuesday that regulators in the UK, France and Italy had yet to clarify their intentions regarding the "unbundling" of national networks while in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, the regulatory framework was in place. The failure to decide about freeing up national telephone networks to allow access by outside internet companies would be blocking electronic commerce business growth.

Friday December 10 1999
KPNQwest wins order from Amsterdam bourse
KPNQwest said on Friday it had won an order from the Amsterdam stock exchange. The Amsterdam bourse selected KPNQwest's fibre optic network for its Internet-Protocol (IP) communication network connecting the trading systems of the AEX with banks and brokers in London and Brussels. KPNQwest said the initial phase of the deal would be worth more than one million euros (USD 1.02 mln) per year and added more European cities were expected to join the network, which would increase the value of the deal for KPNQwest.

Monday December 6 1999
KPNQwest, Europe Online deal
KPNQwest has has signed a contract worth USD 11.2 mln with Europe Online Networks to connect their consumer, broadband, broadcast 'Internet via the Sky' services to KPNQwest's pan-European terrestrial Internet network. KPNQwest's Internet Protocol transit service, Internet Service Provider connectivity and peering capabilities will be used by Europe Online to obtain data from the Internet, which it does not already have cached and that has been requested by end users of the service.

Tuesday November 30 1999
KPNQwest signs access agreement with Colt
KPNQwest said on Tuesday it had signed an access agreement with UK telecoms company Colt Telecom Group, providing KPNQwest with end-to-end data services across Europe. The agreement will give KPNQwest customers direct access to their sites in all cities served by Colt's European operations, using ultra-high speed services based on Internet Protocol (IP) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) technology.

Thursday November 11 1999
KPNQwest soars again on second day
Shares in data communications group KPNQwest was among the Dutch market's strongest percentage climbers on Thursday, two days after its initial public offering, pushed by investors' confidence in the telecommunications sector. Shares in KPNQwest, the joint venture of Dutch KPN and US Qwest, added 17.7% to EUR 34.50 in Amsterdam.

Wednesday November 10 1999
KPNQwest happy with 75% growth forecast
Data communications group KPNQwest, the joint venture of Dutch KPN and US Qwest, said on Wednesday it was content with analysts' forecasts of some 75% annual sales growth in the next five years. We are comfortable with those estimates, said Jack McMaster, KPNQwest's chief executive officer, adding the company expects to turn a profit before interest, tax and amortisation by 2001 and make a net income in 2002.

KPNQwest soars in first day of trading
Shares in KPNQwest, the Dutch/US data communications joint venture, soared on their stock market debuts in Amsterdam and New York yesterday as investors continued their love affair with high technology stocks. The initial public offering - the biggest on the Dutch market for several years - saw shares in KPNQwest priced at EUR 20 each, at the top of the indicative price range, after its banking syndicate was inundated with orders for the stock.

Tuesday November 9 1999
KPNQwest raises EUR 880 mln in IPO
Datacoms group KPNQwest said on Tuesday it had raised EUR 880 mln in an initial public offering, enabling the Dutch-American joint venture of KPN and Qwest to expand its fibre-optic cable network. Shares in KPNQwest, which last month issued 44 million C shares, will start trading on the Amsterdam bourse and Nasdaq stock exchange in the United States on Wednesday.

KPNQwest ADRs climb after US debut
Data and Internet firm KPNQwest's ADRs, or American Depositary Receipts, gained in its US debut following its offering, which raised USD 915.6 mln. The company, a joint venture between Dutch phone firm KPN and US-based Qwest, offered 44 million shares at USD 20.81. Each share was equivalent to one ADR.

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