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Stichting Toezicht Effectenverkeer
Website of bourse watchdog STE. Besides general information of its activities, a black list can be found with investment houses which are known to operate in the Netherlands without a license.
Behr de Ruiter
Website of Behr de Ruiter (Dutch). Find out how the AEX index and MIDKAP index are computed. Information is updated during stock exchange opening hours (a portfolio can be opened). Also prices including one year charts and files with historic prices since october 1994 can be found here.
Actual prices from NOS teletext
'Actual' prices Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Simple, but clear with a good performance. Also the archive with historic pages is online to be searched (for example "570/1").
Most active Funds, most active investment funds, recent government bonds, indices, top 30 volume
Local market
Local market (cont)
Local market (cont), new funds, convertibles, warrants, indexes bonds
investment stocks
Site of the Amsterdamse Effectenbeurs. Todays prices of AEX shares, MIDKAP shares, other domestic shares, preference shares, NMAX shares, investment stocks
SNS Securities
Website of SNS Securities, the securities house of SNS bank Nederland. Website contains information related to the Dutch stock exchange, such as news, analyses, performances, ratings (buy/hold/sell) and statistics.
Site of the Postbank (Dutch). Contains brief profiles of the main ASE funds.
Rabobank beleggen
Investment site of the Rabobank (Dutch). Closing index main stock markets; commodities oil and gold; a few currencies. Daily comment ASE.
ABN-AMRO; De Online Investor
Investment site of the ABN-AMRO bank (Dutch). Subscription needed.
Robeco advies
Prices of the Robeco investment stocks (Dutch).
IMG Holland
Site of IMG Holland (Dutch). Independent brokerage and financial advisory firm. Use the internet to place your orders.
Sem van Berkel Securities
Site of Sem van Berkel Securities (Dutch). Trader on the Amsterdam stock exchange and option exchange. The company also has an internet ordering service available and introduces its partners on the website.
Investors site of Bank Labouchere (Dutch). The broker has internet and voice response services and claims it has the best provisions currently available.
The IC Investment and Insurance Guide
Website developed to provide information to clients and prospects of Irene Courage in the greater Toronto area.
De Telegraaf
Financial section of the newspaper De Telegraaf (Dutch). Also a database with previously published articles is available to be searched.
The Internet Plaza
Financial news by internet provider The Internet Plaza (Dutch). Limited edition with short news bulletins for non-members.
Rotterdams Dagblad
Economy section of the newspaper Rotterdams Dagblad (Dutch).
Het Financieele Dagblad
Website of the Dutch financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad (Dutch).
Beleggers Belangen
Website of the Dutch weekly paper Beleggers Belangen (Dutch). Subscription needed.
Ivo van Thiel's StockBrowser
Free stockloader program by Ivo van Thiel (page in Dutch, program in english). This configurable program enables you to import prices from several servers. The imported data can be converted into import formats for Vision or Metastock, but also into user defined formats. The build in functions for stock charts, portfolio's and alerts makes the program complete.
Receive closing prices by E-mail (subscription needed).
Stockmarket Software Advice
Site with links and tips (Dutch). Software advice regarding stocks and options, technical analyses and research.
Portal to Dutch, European, American and Asian resources
Weekly graphs of AEX and MIDKAP funds
Says to present investment courses, investment workshops, lectures, etc.
Info about brokers and commissions (Dutch)

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