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Originally, this website was set-up in 2005 to do something useful with the domain name that I already owned. It was started with pictures of flights that we had made in the United States in previous years, and for trips that we had just started to make in Europe.

Over time, the website evolved with flying trip reports or pilot reports to trip overview pages, with individual flight details, pictures and maps.

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Veleda and Rene at Hilversum airfield
Veleda and René at Hilversum airfield in August 2015

About me
My name is René. My starting to fly was triggered when I passed a small cabin with a Flightschool sign while visiting Rotterdam airport in 1989. Flying appeared fun to me. I bought a loose-leaf study guide from the flightschool and started flying lessons shortly thereafter. I never wanted to be a professional pilot, and flying has always been just for pleasure. After a year, I passed for the limited license, comparible to what is now a Recreational Pilot License. The year thereafter I started for the full Private Pilot License (PPL).

In 1993, 2000, 2001 and 2004 we made flying trips in the US. In Holland, flying with the aeroclub planes was pretty much limited to local flights and short foreign flights due to rental conditions.

In 2004 I started to rent planes from commercial companies in order to make longer and further away flying trips in Europe. In 2011 I became a member of a German aeroclub that also provided these possibilities.

Private pilot VFR general aviation flying trips, mostly in Europe, but also some trips in South Africa, Argentina and the United States.