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Our arrivals and departures from Figeac, Livernon

Date Reg. From To Pict
01-08-2009 PH-WCU LFBV LFCF Pict
02-08-2009 PH-WCU LFCF LFDB Pict
02-08-2009 PH-WCU LFBE LFCF Pict
03-08-2009 PH-WCU LFCF LFNG Pict
03-08-2009 PH-WCU LFNG LFCF Pict
04-08-2009 PH-WCU LFCF LFCC Pict
04-08-2009 PH-WCU LFCR LFCF Pict
06-08-2009 PH-WCU LFCF LFCI Pict
06-08-2009 PH-WCU LFIG LFCF Pict
08-08-2009 PH-WCU LFCF LFCF Pict
10-08-2009 PH-WCU LFCF LFCK Pict
10-08-2009 PH-WCU LFCQ LFCF Pict
11-08-2009 PH-WCU LFCF LFMZ Pict
11-08-2009 PH-WCU LFMK LFCF Pict
12-08-2009 PH-WCU LFCF LFLW Pict


Figeac, Livernon

France France

pos: N44°40'19"   E001°47'23"

Last visited on 11-08-2009 with the PH-WCU

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LFCF in France

2009: 8

General Aviation private pilot VFR flying trip. Airport in France. Aerodrome, Airfield code is LFCF, Figeac, Livernon.

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