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Night Qualification
January 25, February 6, 2007
EHLE; Lelystad EHGG; Groningen

From Lelystad to Groningen for touch and go's at night

PA28-161 Warrior Cherokee

After numerous cancellations in December and January due to the weather, we took off from Lelystad at dusk on Thursday January 25, 2007 for the VFR night qualification training. Because night VFR is not possible in the Netherlands, we made the flight under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

Rene and Erwin getting ready for departure

Lelystad airfield is open until 09:00 PM, but circuits (touch and go's) are not allowed at night. In Groningen touch and go's are possible, and since also navigation at night must be part of the training, Groningen makes a good option.


It does not come out in the picture but visual naviation at night in the Netherlands is not difficult. Towns and roads are easy to recognize, and elevation is already no issue anymore at 2,000 ft MSL.


One word of warning for flying at night in the Netherlands; the landing fees and additional airport cost, such as charges for "runway lighting", are excessive. These cost account for approximately half of the overall cost. If your budget is an issue, consider Germany for your Night Qualification.


The second training was on Tuesday, February 6, 2007. This time Charlotte joined us.

Panel of the PH-EDD

Erwin, the instructor, turned out to be pleasent to fly with. He helped me to get the feeling for the night landings in a constructive and possitive manner, and I really got the feeling that I learned from him. I can recommend Erwin.

PH-EDD back in the hangar

Statistics for the VFR night qualification;

Landings EHGG16
Landings EHLE2

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