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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your purpose with these pages?
This site is a non-commercial venture. At the time it was started there was no site available with the performance of a fund longer than two days. The site was started with closing prices, highest and lowest prices latest 12 months and some additional info for each fund. The purpose was to retrieve the info without the need to visit many sites. Since then the site has expanded a lot.

How do you get the information?
Most of the information provided in these pages comes from sources on the Internet through software to automatically retrieve and store the info in a database, to sort the data, to write the HTML files and to upload them to the server. Some of the info is hyperlinked to other servers. Updating company results, updating news facts and turning on the computer is a manual job.

How about copyrights?
There is no copyright on data such as sporting results or stock exchange prices. However there is copyright on the pages as is.

Printing problem in Netscape 3.1
Several people have reported they can no longer print the user selected shares pages. This problem seems to occur in Netscape 3.1 only. I have found that removing the navigation table (Actual, news, etc) from the top of the page would solve the printing problem. However this would make navigating the site less user friendly.

Alignment of up/down indicators in Internet Explorer
To avoid 'breaks' behind the Up/Down indicators in Internet Explorer, use as entry point for this website. This will force an alignment of the Up/Down indicators with the amount.

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