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Group of companies multinationally active in the development, manufacture, trade and distribution of electronic consumer goods, components, light bulbs and related products, as well as products for purposes of the communication, medical and automotive industries. Activities are grouped under the divisions Consumer Electronics, Other Consumer Products, Professional Products and Systems, Components, Lighting and Diverse.

Philips, founded in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 1891, is a supplier of products, systems and services in the fields of lighting and electronics. The company is active in some 100 businesses, which are managed through a number of divisions and business groups. Its products are sold in over 150 countries. Besides the brand name Philips, the company has some 700 registered brand names, including Marantz, Magnavox, Norelco and Walita.

Year results
in EUR mln2000199919981997
operating result4281.01751.0684.82250.7
net interest0.00.0-311.3-326.7
result participations0.
fin. income/charges1988.
result before taxes6269.01783.0373.52010.2
extraord. income/charges0.0-5.05512.11108.1
result participations3970.0409.039.00.0
minority interests-67.0-52.0169.7-80.3
net result9602.01799.06053.02601.5
dividend per share0.300.300.250.23
result per share7.311.314.201.86

Estimated EPS for
2001: EUR -0.55
2002: EUR 0.53
(Sep. 22 2001)

Section: AEX Index shares
Ticker: PHI

prices, EPS and dividend in EUR

Philips Electronics NV
Groenewoudseweg 1
5621 BA Eindhoven
P.O.Box 218
5600 MD Eindhoven
Tel: 040-2786022
Fax: 040-2785486

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Quarter year results
in EUR mln4th q
3th q
2nd q
1st q
4th q
3th q
operating result1949.0945.0724.0663.0531.0352.0
fin. income/charges902.0649.0-43.0480.032.0-7.0
result before taxes2851.01594.0681.01143.0518.0359.0
extraord. income/charges0.
result participations94.0668.03073.0135.0269.099.0
minority interests-23.0-16.0-14.0-14.0-17.0-12.0
net result2792.02066.03604.01140.0687.0372.0
result per share2.161.582.710.860.510.28

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