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Royal Dutch Petroleum Company (Royal Dutch), also known as Koninklijke Nederlandsche Petroleum Maatschappij, is one of the two non-operating holding companies of The Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies, which grew out of an alliance in 1907 when the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company merged its interests with The "Shell" Transport and Trading Company on a 60:40 basis. Both Royal Dutch and The "Shell" Tranport and Trading Company retained their separate entities. Thus, Royal Dutch holds a 60% interest in the Royal Dutch/Shell Group, while the other 40% is held by The "Shell" Transport & Trading Company. The Royal Dutch/Shell Group is engaged in the global exploration, production and marketing of oil and natural gas; it has operating companies in more than 100 countries worldwide. Royal Dutch shares are listed and traded on stock exchanges in 8 European countries and in the United States.

Year results
in USD mln2000199919981997
operating result20641.012911.03860.013812.0
net interest-350.0-712.0-704.0-258.0
result participations3859.02321.0-756.02130.0
fin. income/charges3509.01609.00.00.0
other income/charges-
result before taxes24036.014521.02405.015219.0
minority interests-44.0-241.0-142.0-44.0
net result12719.08584.0350.07753.0
dividend per share (EUR)1.591.511.451.41
result per share (EUR)3.862.270.112.03

Estimated EPS for
2001: EUR 4.32
2002: EUR 3.91
(Sep. 22 2001)

Section: AEX Index shares
Ticker: RD

prices, EPS and dividend in EUR

Koninklijke/Shell Groep
C. van Bylandtlaan 30
2596 HR 's-Gravenhage
P.O.Box 162
2501 AN 's-Gravenhage
Tel: 070-3779111
Fax: 070-3773115

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Quarter year results
in USD mln4th q
3th q
2nd q
1st q
4th q
2nd q
operating result5083.04867.05481.05210.04031.02807.0
net interest-46.0-6.0-122.0-176.0-218.0-185.0
result participations808.01149.01031.0871.0682.0433.0
fin. income/charges762.01143.0909.0695.0464.0-291.0
other income/charges-5.0-19.0-51.0-
result before taxes5840.05991.06339.05866.04534.03080.0
minority interests-95.0-193.0-70.0-72.0-93.0-44.0
net result3113.02674.03211.03335.02582.01946.0
dividend per share (EUR)
result per share (EUR)

Royal Dutch/Shell Group
The Shell Transport
and trading company p/c

United Kingdom 40%
NV Koninklijke Petroleum Maatschappij

The Netherlands 60%
Shell Petroleum Inc
United States
The Shell Petroleum Company
United Kingdom
Shell Petroleum NV
The Netherlands
Service Companies
Shell Oil Company
United States
Subsidiaries in over 130 countries
(excl. Shell Oil Company and
its subsidiaries)

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