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Group of companies which are active in the building industry. The group combines a range of building activities: commercial, residential building; tunnel road and marine engineering; dredging; metal construction; installation technique; project development and engineering consultancy. HBG is also active in oil and gas exploration.

Year results
in EUR mln1999199819971996
operating result102.176.294.851.7
net interest-11.3-8.22.717.7
result before taxes90.868.197.669.4
extraord. income/charges-4.111.8-22.7-4.5
minority interests0.0-2.7-0.90.0
net result62.659.954.550.4
dividend per share0.730.700.660.61
result per share1.841.781.641.53

Estimated EPS for
2001: EUR 2.35
2002: EUR 3.05
(Sep. 22 2001)

Section: Remaining shares, A/J
Ticker: HBG

prices, EPS and dividend in EUR

Hollandsche Beton Groep NV
Generaal Spoorlaan 489
2285 TA Rijswijk
P.O.Box 81
2280 AB Rijswijk
Tel: 070-3723911
Fax: 070-3722408

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Half year results
in EUR mln1st h
1st h
operating result-112.044.5
net interest-7.0-5.9
result before taxes-119.038.6
extraord. income/charges23.01.4
net result-102.026.8
result per share-2.910.78

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