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Holding group of chains active in the sale and distribution of sound recordings. The shops range consist of CDs, CDS singles, CDi, software and purchase videos.

Year results
in NLG mln98/9997/9896/9795/96
operating result24.322.015.918.1
net interest0.00.0-0.5-0.6
result participations0.00.0-0.20.0
fin. income/charges-
result before taxes24.
extraord. income/charges0.00.0-0.9-0.2
result participations0.
minority interests-0.80.0-0.2-0.2
net result14.912.69.611.3
dividend per share1.401.201.001.00
result per share4.103.552.743.20

Estimated EPS for
2001: EUR 1.65
2002: EUR 1.75
(Sep. 22 2001)

Section: Remaining shares, A/J
Ticker: FREER

prices, EPS and dividend in EUR

Free Record Shop Holding NV
Essebaan 55
2908 LJ Capelle a/d IJssel
P.O.Box 155
2900 AD Capelle a/d IJssel
Tel: 010-4584333
Fax: 010-4583722

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Half year results
in NLG mln1st h
1st h
operating result17.014.5
fin. income/charges-0.7-0.5
result before taxes16.314.0
result participations-0.1-0.2
minority interests-0.6-0.3
net result10.28.4
result per share2.842.37

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