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Fortis is an international financial group operating in the field of insurance, banking and investment through more than 100 companies.

Investing in Fortis is possible through the shares or depository receipts for shares in the two parent companies, Fortis AG in Belgium and Fortis NL in the Netherlands, each of which owns 50% of Fortis. At year-end 1996 their joint market capitalization was ECU 10 billion. Fortis AG is listed on the stock exchanges of Brussels, Antwerp, London and Luxembourg. Fortis AMEV is listed on the exchanges of Amsterdam, London and Luxembourg and has a sponsored ADR program in the United States.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, Fortis provides a broad range of banking, insurance and investment products through various distribution channels. In America, the Fortis companies have built up a strong position in a number of specialist market sectors, for example in the field of healthcare insurance, life and investment products. Fortis companies are also active in several European countries including Spain, and in the Caribbean, Australia and Asia as well.

Year results
in EUR mln2000199919981997
result before taxes4134.93392.12526.02197.0
extraord. income/charges0.00.0202.00.0
result participations-217.7-
minority interests0.00.0-160.0-271.0
net result2767.62316.21786.01315.0
dividend per share0.880.760.000.00
result per share2.282.021.651.22

Estimated EPS for
2001: EUR 2.50
2002: EUR 2.76
(Sep. 22 2001)

Section: AEX Index shares
Ticker: FOR

prices, EPS and dividend in EUR

Fortis NL
Archimedeslaan 6
3584 BA Utrecht
P.O.Box 2049
3500 GA Utrecht
Tel: 030-2576576
Fax: 030-2577835

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Quarter year results
in EUR mln4th q
3th q
2nd q
1st q
4th q
3th q
result before taxes958.4875.01054.01248.01047.1669.0
result participations-52.3-
minority interests0.00.0-77.0-
net result662.5548.0706.0851.0709.2447.0
result per share0.

Fortis AG
Fortis AMEV
Fortis Group

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