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Crucell was formed through the merger of IntroGene B.V. and U-BiSys B.V. on June 30,2000. Crucell combines IntroGene's human cell line platform, PER.C6, with U-BiSys' subtractive phage antibody-display selection technology, called MAb'stract, providing a powerful and effective means to discover, develop and produce a variety of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of human diseases.

Estimated EPS for
2001: -
2002: -
(Sep. 22 2001)

Section: Remaining shares, A/J
Ticker: CRXL

prices, EPS and dividend in EUR

Crucell NV
Archimedesweg 4
2333 CN Leiden
P.O.Box 2048
2301 CA Leiden
Tel: 071-524 87 01
Fax: 071-524 87 02

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