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Group of companies active in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Activities are bundled into 4 groups, Chemicals- salt and chlorine derivates, Coating paints and resins, Fibres- for textiles and carpets, and Pharmaceuticals.

Akzo Nobel, headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands, is a market-driven and technology-based company, serving customers throughout the world with healthcare products; the specific areas include prescription drugs (Organon), systems and products for hospitals, laboratories and blood banks (Organon Teknika), veterinary medicines and vaccines (Intervet), non-prescription medicines, health products and home diagnostics (Chefaro) as well as bulk pharmaceutical chemicals (Diosynth), coatings; paints, stains and synthetic resins for industrial applications, professional use and the do-it-yourself sector, chemicals; catalysts, surface chemistry, rheology, pulp bleaching and wet-end paper chemicals, carbon disulfide and many others, and fibers; for industrial and textile uses, membranes, nonwovens, and other industrial products. Akzo Nobel is the result of numerous companies joining forces over a period of many years.

Year results
in EUR mln2000199919981997
operating result1652.01364.01076.81118.6
fin. income/charges-272.0-275.0-206.9-124.3
other income/charges-
result before taxes1337.01089.0869.9994.2
extraord. income/charges-25.0-555.0-22.20.0
result participations143.052.044.954.0
minority interests-43.0-25.0-15.9-17.2
net result966.0204.0609.4732.9
dividend per share1.201.000.980.97
result per share3.380.712.142.57

Estimated EPS for
2001: EUR 3.27
2002: EUR 3.63
(Sep. 22 2001)

Section: AEX Index shares
Ticker: AKZ

prices, EPS and dividend in EUR

Akzo Nobel NV
Velperweg 76
6824 BM Arnhem
P.O.Box 9300
6800 SB Arnhem
Tel: 026-3664433
Fax: 026-3663250

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Quarter year results
in EUR mln4th q
3th q
2nd q
1st q
4th q
3th q
operating result383.0417.0460.0392.0328.0346.0
fin. income/charges-134.0-67.0-71.00.0-69.0-65.0
other income/charges-
result before taxes379.0350.0389.00.0259.0281.0
extraord. income/charges-
result participations105.
minority interests-17.0-12.0-14.00.0-6.0-8.0
net result240.0242.0265.0219.0-371.0197.0
result per share0.830.850.930.77-1.350.69

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