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AFC Ajax NV is a professional soccer club based in Amsterdam and is one of the leading clubs in Europe. It is the first Dutch club which was transformed from an association into a public company and its shares became listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange on 11 May 1998. The original Association "Vereniging Amsterdamsche Footballclub Ajax" has transferred all its assets to AFC Ajax NV, except for the Dutch national soccer license, and will remain the company's major shareholder with approximately 73% of the shares at the time of flotation.

Year results
in NLG mln97/9896/9795/9694/95
operating result-11.714.918.717.9
net interest2.
other income/charges1.
result before taxes-7.920.423.822.8
extraord. income/charges0.
net result-5.412.928.414.5
result per share-0.380.000.000.00

Estimated EPS for
2001: EUR -0.25
2002: -
(Sep. 22 2001)

Section: Remaining shares, A/J
Ticker: AJAX

prices, EPS and dividend in EUR

Amsterdam Football Club Ajax NV
Arena Boulevard 29
1101 AX Amsterdam
Tel: 020-3111444
Fax: 020-3111480

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Half year results
in NLG mln1st h
1st h
operating result-5.9-12.8
net interest1.60.7
other income/charges0.71.8
result before taxes-3.7-10.3
minority interests7.70.0
net result1.6-6.5
result per share0.09-0.36

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