Portugal To Ponte de Sor, Portimao, Santarem and Viseu in Portugal, and to Burgos and Zaragoza in Spain
19/31 August 2019
Portugal Holiday trip to Portugal, Spain and France
1/14 September 2018
Poland Holiday trip to Poland with the Baltic states in discouraging weather
28 June/8 July 2017
Czechoslovakia Holiday trip to former Czechoslovakia; the Czech Republic and Slovakia
31 July/9 August 2016
Iberian Peninsula Holiday to the Iberian Peninsula, with visits to San Sebastian, Santander, Leon, Porto, Lisbon, Seville, Grenada, Salamanca, Burgos and Pamplona
1/19 August 2015
A life of Flying in Pictures
IJmuiden Along the Zaanse Schans, IJmuiden, Zandvoort, Leiden and Boskoop. 28 March 2020
Veluwe Flying around the Veluwe region. 7 February 2020
Seppe With Maurits over the Grote Waard to Seppe on a Wednesday afternoon. 18 December 2019
Batavia Around Batavia between the rivers Lek and Nederrijn in the north and the river Waal in the south. 24 November 2019
South Holland With Charlotte and Maurits over South Holland. 8 November 2019
Zaanse Schans Sightseeing trip to Muiden, Pampus, Zaanse Schans, Spijkerboor, Volendam, Marken, Naarden-Vesting. 29 October 2019
Hoevenen Little trip to Hoevenen near the Port of Antwerp. 15 September 2019
Borken-Hoxfeld With Marko, Sacha and Nina to Borken-Hoxfeld. 11 August 2019
Texel Round trip to Texel passing the northern defense line of Amsterdam. 21 July 2019
The Gooi From Hilversum around The Gooi and Vechtstreek and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. 14 July 2019
Oostwold With Laurence from Hilversum via Drenthe to Oostwold. 31 May 2019
Bremen With Joris to Bremen and then to Paderborn-Lippstadt. 26 April 2019
St Hubert Day trip to St Hubert to visit Veleda and Maurits. 21 April 2019
Some other trips
With Boris and Maksim to Stadtlohn and Hilversum. 19 April 2019
With Veleda to Bonn for a Beethoven tour. 18 February 2019
Visiting the hilly and historic university town of Marburg. 5 June 2018
Baltic Coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, with visits to Rostock, Stralsund and Wismar. 28/30 April 2017
With Veleda to Hamburg on a cold Friday in January. 6 January 2017
Weekend trip to the Rhone Alps with Maurits, with visits to Geneva and Chalon. 26/28 August 2016
Trip to France to the Lorraine and Champagne Ardenne regions. 12/15 August 2016
To Munich with Veleda, visiting Deutsches Museum and Flugwerft Schleissheim. 16/17 July 2016
To Vienna with Veleda, Marcel and Angela. 5/8 May 2016
Two day trip to Gdansk in Poland. 15/16 May 2015
Holiday to Norway, with visits to Oslo and Bergen, and Stockholm and Öland in Sweden. 28 July/12 August 2014
Trip to Tuscany with Veleda and Maurits for a wedding anniversary. 16/19 July 2014
Trip to Croatia with Harald to go sailing from Biograd. 9/14 April 2014
With Laurence and Maurits to Friedrichshafen for a flight with a Junkers 52. 10/11 August 2013
Holiday to Tirol, with visits to Reutte, Kufstein, Zell am See, Mauterndorf and Salzburg. 20 July/4 August 2013
Three day trip with Veleda to France, with visits to Rennes and Reims. 25/27 May 2013
Following a Sergio Leone trail in Spain, with visits to Madrid, Almeria and Valladolid. 17/24 November 2012
Holiday to Tuscany, with visits to L'Aquila, Rome, Castiglione del Lago, Aosta and Reutte. 28 July/13 August 2012
Trip to Salzburg with Laurence, with visits to the Where Eagles Dare movie locations. 3/7 May 2012
Holiday to Vrsar in Croatia, with trips to Losinj, Zagreb, Zadar, Mostar and Dubrovnik. 8/22 July 2011
From Lelystad to Athens via Bremgarten, Bergamo, Foggia and Ioannina. 24/25 June 2011
Three day trip to Wallis and Graubunden with Charlotte and Maurits. 20/22 August 2010
Holiday to Wiesbaden, Venezia and Tuscany, with trips to Fano, Rome, Rieti and Massa. 14 July/1 August 2010
Two week holiday to the Lot valley, in the south of France. 30 July/15 August 2009
One week trip to Lago d'Idro in Northern Italy, with a stop in Pappenheim on the way up. 25 April/2 May 2009
Farewell trip to Berlin Tempelhof before closure on October 30, 2008. 24/25 October 2008
Holiday to Tuscany, with trips to Elba, Corsica, Assisi, Rome and Ravenna. 8/24 August 2008
Trip to London Biggin Hill and Manston with Veleda and Maurits. 24/27 October 2007
Short summer-end trip to Lugano and Bergamo, and back via Munich and Cologne. 5/9 September 2007
Holiday to the Bodensee, with visits to Zurich, Friedrichshafen and Lausanne. 20/29 July 2006
Trip to Berlin, Jena and Prague. 7/18 July 2005
Trip to Santa Monica, Los Angeles to visit the Universal Studios. 21/23 July 2004
Trip to Yellowstone, with stops at Redding, Winnemucca, Idaho Falls and Jerome. 30 July/4 August 2001
Trip to Las Vegas and over the Grand Canyon with Hans, Babette and Laurence. 28/29 May 2000

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