Aircraft flown / EC-FQD - C172

Cessna Skyhawk EC-FQD

Date Aircraft Departure Arrival Total
Type Reg. Place Time Place Time
03-01-2006 C172 EC-FQD LELL 10:00 LERS 10:50 0:50 1 Y
03-01-2006 C172 EC-FQD LERS 11:15 LEGE 12:35 1:20 1 Y
03-01-2006 C172 EC-FQD LEGE 12:45 LELL 13:30 0:45 1 Y

Record of our private pilot VFR flying trips in general aviation airplane C172, Cessna Skyhawk with registration EC-FQD. For more information (if available) on these VFR flights in Spain, click the date.